Asked on May 3, 2012

is there a way to clean a sealed evaporator coil?

Scott RWoodbridge Environmental


this is a 23 yr old system. yes, i know i need to just replace it. but it runs fine, however inefficiently. you can take the front cover off the case, and the coil is exposed. But there is a triangular panel that keeps you from having access to the underside of the coil for cleaning.
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  • There is special spray foam cleaners for AC evap coils. This stuff can be sprayed on the visual parts of the coil and made real wet with it. It will flow down through the coil and get into the areas you cannot see real well. Once it begins to contact the coil it will begin to foam which will loosen the dirt and dust off of the fins. After a few min, you simply take a garden hose or garden sprayer and wash the soil off into the pan and out the drain. Also be sure to clean the squirrel cage blower also. The slightest amount of dust on the edge of the blades will cause the system not to function anywhere near its ability as compared to when its clean.

  • Scott R
    on May 3, 2012


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