Asked on May 3, 2012

Is it within Gwinnett county code to use the Gastite flex gas line to hook up a gas range?

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can I run the gastite through a joist and then up through the floor to gain access to where the stove would be?
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  • Yes you can use this as its an approved gas line flex system. However you must be certified to purchase and install it. Any hidden flex gas line, regardless of manufacture must be protected against nails and damage. So the holes must be drilled in center of wall studs, and metal plates must be placed on edge of studs where these holes are located to prevent screws, or rock nails from putting holes in the pipe. Its a pretty expensive pipe system however. You may wnat to consider steel black pipe instead. Also only approved gas lines such as Gastite, Ward and a few others can be buried within walls. The gray flex lines that oftentimes connects the stove or dryer to the pipe fitting next to the wall to the appliance cannot be installed through any wall or framing opening. We see this a lot where people will have the gas pipe located below the floor and then run the flex pipe through a hole in the floor up to the appliance. Big no-no. In any case, I would contact your local township code inforcement office and ask them directly. However I am sure there is no reason why you cannot use this other then being certified to install and purchase it. You do not have to be a licensed plumber also to get this certification. Speak with the supplier that sells it and they can arrange for you the class and test you need to take to get this certificate. Only taks about one hour of class plus the 15 min test. Real simple.

  • Scott R
    on May 3, 2012

    Were you aware that they sell Gastite products at Lowes now? I am sure that you don't have to have a special license to buy the stuff there.

  • I just checked our local store and they carry the stuff.. Wow not sure how they get away selling it when all the other manufactures sell the stuff in plumbing and heating supply stores require a special license to purchase. Learn something every day. In any case, follow the directions and protect the pipe from nails and you should be fine.

  • SawHorse Design Build
    on May 4, 2012

    You should have a hard pipe connection going through the wall, then connect to the stove with a flexible line.

  • With the flex gas pipe Gastite and others, there are special termination plates that the flex line connects to giving the home owner or service person a pipe fitting to connect the appliance to with their flex line. It sort of converts the flex line to a hard connection point on the surface of the wall, but allowing the flex line to run to that point in where its converted over.

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