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My daughter and her husband bought a new house. They are just starting out, so they are still trying to get the house decorated. Below is their bed needing a headboard to finish the look.
Below is what she wanted but with a mantel style headboard.
I painted top and side panels to look like a fireplace.
An old fireplace!
I made a tufted insert for the center of the "fireplace".
This is the back.
This is the front.
This is their bed now.
I put a 2x8 for the mantel with corbels I made from legs from an old table. I had the pic of the chandelier printed on engineer paper for about $10 and made a frame. It's 3 feet by 4 feet.
She loves it! That's all that matters. Plus, I was able to use mostly scraps on hand so it didn't cost much. $10 for the print, $5 for buttons, $7 for material, $13 for foam. Total $35
12/25/2016 Update: I had been looking for nightstands. I found these two small dressers on craigslist. They were painted a copper/brown with mirrors on all sides. Wow does it brighten up the room. I repainted them black. In this picture you can't see the black of the headboard but the black nightstands really bring it together. Now we are looking for tall lamps. I'm thinking something simple with a mercury glass base.
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19 questions
  • Carolyn
    on May 13, 2016

    Love the print....where did you find it!!!!!

    • Mary
      on May 13, 2016

      I'd love to know too! It's gorgeous!!!

    • Bammaw's House
      on May 13, 2016

      Found the pic on the internet and had it printed at Staples on a 3ft x 4ft engineering print. $10

  • Cyndi Dimanno-Valentine
    on May 13, 2016

    Where did u have the print done? Gorgeousness

  • Anna
    on May 14, 2016

    How did you attach the "buttons" to the board?

    • Bammaw's House
      on May 14, 2016

      I used peg board. I put 18g wire through the back hole into the button hole bent it back into the peg board hole and twisted it tight finally staple the ends.

    • LyonStill
      on May 14, 2016

      You can also use fishing wire which is much easier to work with (I think) and it's clear. Then you stapled down the tail ends.

  • Grace
    on May 14, 2016

    Exactly where did you find that picture of the chandelier? I can't find it anywhere and it's perfect for my room.

    • She
      on May 14, 2016

      I saw a bunch of similar & different......-google "pics of chandeliers" . pick- blow up-take to staples -big as you need print.

    • Ter2576484
      on May 15, 2016

      Kirklands used to carry this and might still

    • Marilyn Zaruba
      on May 15, 2016

      I was in a pricey store and they had large pictures of chandeliers in very pretty frames for $200 each. On the pictures they had glued all sorts of crystals to look like they were hanging from the chandeliers...very pretty. When I get around to it....I am going to make two of them to go above my large bath tub.

  • Karen Beth Blatcher
    on May 15, 2016

    This is stunning! I love it!!! Where did you get that beautiful material? The chandelier print is so exquisite!!! The whole thing is soooo beautiful!!!

  • Baseballshoppingmomma
    on May 18, 2016

    Did you make the headboard or was it a mantel that you purchased somewhere?

    • Debbie
      on May 18, 2016

      From the article above she said: 'I put a 2x8 for the mantel with corbels I made from legs from an old table... Plus, I was able to use mostly scraps on hand.' I'd gather she made it all from scraps.

    • Lorelei Clark
      on Jun 1, 2016

      Wow. This is why I never read comments in recipes and DIY because people simply don't read and ask questions already answered in the tutorial.

    • Valerie
      on Jun 3, 2016

      Be nice we all miss things at times.

    • Marian
      on Sep 26, 2016

      I was confused too about whether it was an actual mantel. Thx for asking the ? and thx for the clatification.

    • Becky
      on Oct 1, 2016

      This is really creative & very unique! Very Gorgeous! Completes the look!

    • Sheila Lawson
      on Oct 6, 2016

      This is not a question but I think you did a beautiful creative job !!

  • Edith A. Robbins
    on Oct 1, 2016

    What did you use to make the scroll work on the fireplace frame?

    • Janet
      on Oct 1, 2016

      What is the frame made of?

    • Janet
      on Oct 1, 2016

      What is the frame made of?

    • Edith A. Robbins
      on Oct 1, 2016

      The frame looks like it is painted on the wall with narrow wood trim added to outline it but there is also some design put on that looks like narrow rope or thick paint. That is what I am asking about.

    • Karen Black
      on Oct 2, 2016

      Edith Robbins, although this is not my creation, I know that you can use spackle, in a piping bag to create scroll where you want it.

    • Edith A. Robbins
      on Oct 2, 2016

      Thank you Karen Black. That could very well be what it is. :)

    • Dixie Westphal Kurtz
      on Oct 14, 2016

      There is a stenciling technique that is embossed looking also. Look on google.

    • Jennifer S. Shelton
      on Oct 23, 2016

      Looks like it's done with a hot glue gun and then painted over? Not sure but looks like it. Pretty neat however it was done.

    • Bammaw's House
      on Oct 25, 2016

      Yes, it's hot glue. It dries very fast. Painted the whole panel. Framers it. Then aged it with watered down black paint.

  • Leigh Ann
    on Oct 1, 2016

    Where did you find Chandelier print?? I love it!

  • Cathy Mak
    on Nov 25, 2016

    I really love the bed linen , can i know where did you buy it?

  • Sneeze01
    on Nov 28, 2016

    Are those 2 side panels and top panel all individual pieces? What size wood pieces do you need for the two sides and the one across the top? The fiberboard that you drilled holes in - how did you mount it inside the other pieces? Or is the whole thing one piece of fiberboard? Thank you! Just wanted you to know that this was the best "gift" to all in ages!

    • Bammaw's House
      on Nov 30, 2016

      Yes, they are separate pieces. I think the top is about 40in by 9 in and the sides are about 24in by 17 in. It has to total the width of the bed. I screwed the black tufted panel into the surrounding panels from the back side.

    • Ardale
      on May 7, 2017

      The middle panel with the holes in it is called pegboard. She didn't drill all those holes it comes that way!
      Now my question is how and what did you use to make all your scrollwork on your panels???? Very pretty by the way and so high end looking!
  • Maria DiBiasio Pike
    on Jan 11, 2017

    Where would one find that print for $10. I have been looking at chandelier art for months now and that size starts at ~$165 and up.

    • Shawna Bailey
      on Jan 12, 2017

      There are places online where you can buy the virtual file and then print it yourself. It comes out very cheap, maybe that's where she got it.

    • Bammaw's House
      on Jan 13, 2017

      I had it printed at Staples.

  • Lenora Thomas Harmon
    on Jan 13, 2017

    Where did you find the print, to take to Staples? Thanks! L

    • Bammaw's House
      on Jan 13, 2017

      On the internet. I just searched "chandelier" images. I saved this one as a picture and sent it to Staples to print out as an engineering print. 3 feet by 4 feet.

    • Pat Del Greco
      on May 7, 2017

      You know for a DIY like you, if you found the right tall lamps, you could faux mercury glass them yourself, right? If you do, please post!
      FABULOUS JOB on the bedroom! (Green with envy & admiration)! Lol!
    • Laura Pierce
      on May 8, 2017

      I saw a chandelier picture similar to this at Burlington, AND it had rinestones scattered about sparkly!
  • Kristine
    on May 11, 2017

    Not a Q, just a compliment... well done! Love the look, however as an asthmatic, anything collecting dust above or around my bed would not be suitable for me... perhaps a trompe l'oeil painted on board would do me!!!
  • Jas23439286
    on May 13, 2017

    Can they sit up in bed without banging their heads on the mantle shelf?
  • Susan Beaty Peterson
    on Jul 9, 2017

  • Susan Beaty Peterson
    on Jul 9, 2017

    What's an engineering print?
    • Bammaw's House
      on Jul 24, 2017

      A large black and white print normally used for blueprints. it's low quality makes it much much less expensive than a copy of that size.
  • Jeanette Lucero
    on Jul 11, 2017

    Can u send me the pic to:
    • Marsha Neil King
      on Jul 11, 2017

      You can take a screen shot of the photos using an iPhone camera. Or create a Pinterest account and save the pictures there.
    • Jeanette Lucero
      on Jul 11, 2017

      ok. by the way your project turned out beautiful
    • Michelle Jones
      on Feb 4, 2018

      If we use a Pinterest account to save the photo, won't it lose definition when it is reproduced and enlarged?
    • Irene Gronewald
      on Nov 6, 2018

      very...very lovely...I like this the best out of anything I`ve seen in a long...time!!!

  • S Marie Vanelli
    on Jul 25, 2017

    Where did you get the engineer print done?
    • Debbe Brackett
      on Aug 2, 2017

      Lots of printers have wide-format copiers. Try AlphaGraphics!

    • Sheryls.aerials
      on Aug 3, 2017

    • Irene Gronewald
      on Nov 6, 2018

      do you think "office depot can do engineer print? and did you glue or nail shelf onto the "holding pieces"?

    • Irene Gronewald
      on Nov 6, 2018

      tall lamps with at marshalls

    • Kristen Koors
      on Nov 6, 2018

      It looks great!

    • Beth
      on Nov 6, 2018

      Bammaw, it looks great! And as Hometalk attests, it's not just those starting out that get creative with our $$$ ! As to the mercury glass lamps you are looking for, did you know that they sell a spray paint for that? So find the lamps you want, and spray paint them to look like mercury glass!

    • Mumandp
      on Nov 27, 2018

      Yes, they sell it at MICHAELS!!

      I have used it many times to update Vases, Lamps, Scratched Glass inserts on SideTables and it is so simple to apply as well. Simply spray it on and with damp cloth dab off what You don't want and it is that easy!! Don't forget to look at the local thrift shops as well, You may find the perfect Lamps at a great price.

      Remember creating feeds the SOUL!!!

      xo Michelle

      Beautiful Headboard!!

    • Ann Marie
      on Apr 29, 2019

      Amazon has loads! = wall prints "chandelier"

  • Pamalla lanaux
    on Oct 8, 2017

    Where is the Bedding & pillows from!

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  • Haley Abreu Kling
    on Oct 30, 2019

    Great ideas to upgrade bedroom/walls but growing up with Earthquakes, anything over a headboard (heavier than a scarf) is a safety hazard.

  • Ty
    on Feb 17, 2020


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