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Surge Protections

CarolMiriam I


Following is a link to a white paper on Surge Protection from Cutler Hammer (Eaton). Great and easy to understand. This article has links to the warranties for Cutler Hammer products. Surge Protection is very important, especially if you have home automation controls from a home theater to a whole home system.....ig: Control4, Lutron RadioRA, Insteon, X10 or any of the Zwave technologies.....
Following is a link to Siemens Surge Protection....and if you read the warranty you will see that it covers house wiring equipment......
And here is one more....a unit from Leviton through Smarthome(a great resource for toys).
Because of the complete protection of Electrical Panel, Telephone and Cable and the Warranty of Cutler choice is obvious. The old saying, you get what you pay for. It may be more costly then Seimens or Leviton, Square D and others on the market.....but is by far the best value and ease of installation.
I hope this sheds some light on the topic. And remember that very few surges are created by lighting.
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