My Newest Garden Project

Concrete and Wire Head with Glass Eyes to be Lit Up :)

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  • Originals by Rhonda Originals by Rhonda on Jun 15, 2013
    Oh no Jamala there is NOTHING to take offense at. I use grey cement because the white is very expensive and no on around me keeps it in stock. You are MORE THAN WELCOME to Supply Me With the White as I Will Still Need a Contrast. Jamala I have Facebook Friends in Africa and one is a "Member of Parliment in Ghana and he is as black as they come and he was the first one to "like" it and said it looked like his eyes. This came from a "confident" person who is comfortalbe and proud of his own skin ...and he is GORGEOUS too :) Learn to realize that everything is Not About You and Your Color. I LOVE ALL PEOPLE EQUALLY, This is Art ...Simple Art so check out my post coming up next. :)) Linda that was uncalled for please...
  • Originals by Rhonda Originals by Rhonda on Jun 16, 2013
    Thanks for your insightful comment Gail :) You hit the nail on the head when you said "there really is no art that does appeal to all" and Douglas ...Don't git so skeerd lol. BeBe and Gail this is mortar mix, there are recipes on the web and my apologies for not knowing how to do a video tutorial yet. :( I make my mix stiff so I can shape it as I go along and I try not to mix up more than I have time to use before it gets too dry. This is certainly a medium that takes practice to get the feel of it. How stiff you need it for your certain project, the heat and humidity will also come into play. best I can suggest is mix up some mud and just play, don't get serious and when something fails will do better next time :)) GOOD LUCK! :D
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