PVC and Leather Hanging Planter

2 Materials
45 Minutes

Add a touch of charm to any window with this PVC cap and leather strap planter. This tiny little number is perfect for a small succulent or air plant.
-PVC End Cap
-Piece of Leather / Leather Trim
-Rotary Cutter
-Short Bolt and Nut
-Drill with bit
-(Not pictured: A knife / Awl / Eyelet Pliers)
*Cost includes succulent!
STEP 1: Sand down any words or rough spots on the PVC cap.
STEP 2: Drill a hole toward the open edge of the PVC cap on one side. Mark a spot on the other side of the PVC cap directly across from the hole you just made and drill another hole.
STEP 3: Take your ruler and mark a " wide strip and make it as long as you wish. Using your rotary cutter cut the leather strap out. (If you have purchased leather trim instead simply cut the length that you wish your hanger to be). Mark a 'V' on each end of the strip and cut off each corner leaving a point at each end.
STEP 4: Place the tip of each leather strip through the holes on each side of the PVC cap. Thread the strip through the hole long enough to allow for them to reconnect past the edge of the PVC.
STEP 5: Using your knife / awl / or eyelet pliers pierce holes through the leather strap just above the PVC edge.
STEP 6: Place a short bolt through the holes on each side of the PVC and screw into a nut on the other side.
STEP 7: Now you're ready to plant!

Suggested materials:

  • PVC End Cap  (Home Depot)
  • Leather  (Fabric Store)

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  • FdLNana
    on Mar 15, 2017

    Instead of a leather strip, you could use a pretty ribbon that goes with the room. Less work. I'm always looking for lead work. Also you could probably use the lids from hair spray or Pam spray cans. I also look for cheaper.

  • Cathy
    on Mar 15, 2017

    How do get rid of hooks later on? Thanks, Cathy

  • Linda Partridge
    Linda Partridge
    on Jul 15, 2018

    This is so cute..Question….what kind of drill bit did you use to keep pot from cracking???.I want to make one.

    • Sue
      on Feb 13, 2019

      The pot portion is a PVC pipe cap that won’t split when drilled. It isn’t like ceramic or stone it is a very hard plastic so if you use a sharp drill bit and go slowly you should have no problem.

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