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We were told we need to have a licensed plumber pull a permit and do a Gas Line Pressure Test. What's involved in this t

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  • Unless something is different in GA then in most states a home owner can pull their own permits and do the work themselves. A pressure test is simply plugging the gas pipe at each end and putting about 15 lbs of air pressure in the line. An attached gauge is installed and the inspector comes out to read it once its set and under pressure and comes back next day and reads it again. No pressure drop, no issue. Also if the gas pipe is entirely exposed and is not being buried behind a wall, some inspectors will approve without pressure test. In any regards its simple. We use nitrogen when we test as it does not change pressure with air temps. Compressed air goes higher in pressure when it warms out.

  • IRC G2417 requires gas pressure test for inspection. I am sure our contractors can tell you what is required. I am assuming you are having work done on a new gas line or modifying an existing line. Generally YOU, the homeowner, does not want to pull the permit because that makes YOU responsible for code compliance. The contractor who is performing the work should pull the permit and obtain the inspection. Not sure which part of the city you are in but you can find out more about these inspections online. For example, allows you to download the Residential Building Inspections Policies and Procedures from their website. If you have more questions about the inspection, call your local building inspector. I have found that most of them are very helpful and want you to understand that code compliance is for your safety.

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    on Nov 28, 2012

    The best thing to do is get a <a href="">plumbing contractor</a> over to your house and get details, even calling to get details would be a good idea. At least you'd be speaking to an experienced professional. Good Luck!

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