11 Beautiful Plants That Are Secretly Killing Your Garden

They may be gorgeous garden divas, but they don't like to share the spotlight --or the garden-- with others!

By Hometalk Highlights

Lily of the Valley

These delicate white little bells may look innocent, but they spread like wild!

Creeping Jenny

Though it can be gorgeous for ground cover, watch out cause Creeping Jenny is tough to contain.

Gooseneck Loosestrife

These white heads look sweet bobbing in the breeze, but in the right zone, they can take over everything.


Few vines are as elegant as wisteria, but it's wild growth can do real damage.

Creeping Charlie

If you spot these cute little leaves poking up through your lawn, trouble is brewing!

Trumpet Vine

Though many people love them when they're contained, wild Trumpet Vines can overpower everything else.


Never place mint with other herbs or plants, because, delicious as it is, it is a greedy grower.


Its petal-packed heads might look harmless, but don't let that yarrow out of your sight if you love your garden.

English Ivy

In small amounts and in the right places, English Ivy looks quite stately, but keep a close eye!

Morning Glory

For some, Morning Glory is a treat. But once it's growing, it might not stop.

Golden Pothos

While Golden Pothos make a lovely houseplant, left to grow in the ground it can be very invasive.