Asked on Jun 18, 2013

What is Happening to My Iris?

April EBonnie LewenzaLuis


This is the only one of my Irises that this is happening to. At this time it does not seem to be affecting its flowering ability.
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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Jun 18, 2013

    It looks like fungal leaf spot and is easily controlled with a fungicide. See this from the American Iris Society:

  • Debby Boyle
    on Jun 19, 2013

    It looks to me that it got sprayed by something.

  • Nancy Hand
    on Jun 19, 2013

    Looks like fungal leaf spot. You can get a fungicide at a garden center.

  • Luis
    on Jun 19, 2013

    Jayme this is from American Iris Society as Douglas mentioned: Fungal Leaf Spot presents as small circular to oval spots on the leaves, turning yellowish to brown and often developing a distinct red-brown border. The pathogen is Didymellina macrospora. It can affect all bearded irises, Siberians, I. versicolor and the xiphiums, known as Dutch irises. The more rain you have the more prevalent it becomes. It is easy to control with the use of a fungicide and a sticker-spreader in your sprayer. Apply in the fall and early spring before infection. If infected, tip cut the affected leaves and apply again. Maneb have been proven effective. Check with your local authorities as to pesticide and fungicide use.

  • Jayme
    on Jun 20, 2013

    @Luis what is a sticker-spreader? I have a sprayer, but have never heard of the term.

  • Luis
    on Jun 21, 2013

    I know what a Spreder-sticker is: SPREADER-STICKER: a material or combination of materials added to sprays that causes the spray to spread and to stick to the sprayed foliage I wonder if this is what you are talking about

  • Bonnie Lewenza
    on Jun 23, 2013

    It could be late frost on it, this is how my yucca leaves look when we have a late frost.

  • April E
    on Jun 26, 2013

    jayme a sticker spreader is also called a surfactant and you can make your own by adding a small amount of ivory dish detergent to you spray mix

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