Planter With Water Reserve and Self Fight Slugs and Snails

With a little material, you can make this project to eliminate snails and slugs in a friendly way, and create a plant water reserve, all with recycled materials (and it really works)!
You need :
2 planters, one with holes in the bottom and one without holes
Wool, cotton, or pieces of textile (old tee-shirt for example)
One reused plastic pie lid (the diameter should fit over the planter
without holes)
A flat stone
Put the flat stone in the first planter and fill with water to the surface of the stone, but never above it.
Cut four of five strips from the fabric about 7 inches, and weave it through the holes in the second planter: half inside and half outside of the water (see picture below).
Fill the planter halfway with soil and try to keep the strips in the middle.
Fill the rest of the planter with your plant and more soil.
Draw a circle from the base of the second planter on your plastic pie lid and cut it out. Fir the lid around your second planter.
Now sit the second planter on top of the stone in the first planter (as seen in the photo below). Fit the lid around the rim of the first planter.
Now your very expensive planter is ready! This trick is great for keeping your plant from being over-watered and keeping unwanted guests from getting inside and up your beautiful plant. But please - capture and release them in the nature.
You can always see the level of the water and refill but just to the stone!
I wish you success!!

Suggested materials:

  • Planters  (In my garden and from my interior plantations)
  • Flat stone  (In my garden and from my interior plantations)
  • Scissors
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2 questions
  • Cheryl
    on May 21, 2016

    How does this keep them off?

    • YLDesigns
      on May 24, 2016

      Wish I had known this before I planted my container garden....first phase (seedlings) did great; after transplanting they died.... :(

  • Debbi Pond Hamilton
    on Sep 2, 2017

    I'm curious, what brings these unwanted guests to your flower beds? I don't have any, but my BFF that lives two streets over has them. My mom always had slugs in her flower beds, so I automatically assumed everyone had them.

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