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Yesterday I posted my 4th of July tablescape called "3 Cheers for the Red, White, and Blue." What I did not include in that post was how to fold the napkins to make what I call silverware pockets. In yesterday's post, I used bandanas, but I have chosen another style of napkin here to make the "layers" easier to see. So, grab a square napkin of any size and let's get started.
Step 1 - Fold your napkin into fourths, so you have a smaller square. Place the napkin on a table or hard surface with the folds to your right and at the bottom.
Now take the top left corner of the first layer and fold it under itself so that it forms a triangle.
Next take the top left corner of the second layer and fold it under itself, but not quite as much as you folded the first layer. You want a bit of this layer to show underneath the first. See below.
Repeat with the third layer, again making sure a bit of this peeks out under the top two layers.
Leave the bottom layer u folded, and carefully turn the napkin over. You will be looking at a square. Fold approximately one third of the left side of the. Asking back onto the remaining two thirds
Take the right side and fold it up onto the rest.
Now, carefully turn your napkin over, and you should have a lovely silverware pocket.
Ta da!

Suggested materials:

  • Square napkins, any size, but suggest at least 12x12

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  • Tillie Kain
    on May 23, 2016

    Napkins are so expensive...any bargain suggestions?

    • Jacalyn
      on May 23, 2016

      Tillie, in my original post, I used bandanas, which you can get at a dollar or craft store. You could look for napkins at a thrift store or just grab some fabric you like and make your own.

    • Bonnie
      on May 23, 2016

      @Tillie Kain you can find sewing material and cut your own napkin squares to use; sometimes as inexpensively as $1.00 a yard. I have also used paper dinner napkins, they are thicker than picnic napkins and work very nicely.

    • Irene
      on May 23, 2016

      @Tillie Kain I have on a number of occasions purchased items from clothes to linens, etc. at thrift stores just because I liked the fabric. It is often dirt cheap, and can be then be cut up and used 1,000 ways. My go-to thrift store offers one-day/week where most (if not all) things are 20-50% off the tag price as well. Can't really do any better than that.

    • Kaytedec
      on May 24, 2016

      I use (new) washcloths. They aren't very big, but are absorbent and wash up nicely.

    • Barbara C
      on May 24, 2016

      Pinking shears and a scrap of fabric.No hemming.

    • Jewellmartin
      on May 30, 2016

      Something as simple as a pretty folded napkin can make us feel we have gone the extra mile. Thanks for the lesson.

    • Sandy Hartnett
      on Jun 12, 2016

      Love this! Hugs

    • Jacalyn
      on Jun 13, 2016

      @Jewell Martin, I feel the same way.

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  • Jacalyn
    on Jul 14, 2016

    Totally understand. LIsa! That's why I tried to post so many photos. I think I know where the problem is. I am assuming you got the 3 layers folded under and have turned the square over. The "goal" of the next couple of steps is to make the square a long rectangle approximately one-third as wide as the square before folding. Make sense? If that is where you are, take the left side of the napkin (all layers) and fold approximately one-third of it up and back on the rest of the original square. Now do the same from the right side. When you turn it over, you should have your pocket. Hope this helps! It is not hard to fold, but it is hard to describe. Good luck! If it doesn't work, let me know, and we'll try again. 😉

  • Chloe Crabtree
    on Jul 30, 2016

    I could stand to learn more napkin folding methods! This is great for a casual meal!

    • Jacalyn
      on Jul 30, 2016

      Casual, fun, and it takes no time to do, but sends the message to guests that at least a little thought and effort went into preparing the table. Thanks for your comment!

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