Asked on Jun 18, 2013

Large Tree Roaches.

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We live where there is WOODS around 3 sides of our home....The large tree roaches are horrible this year. It is almost every other day, we find one in our home. Does anyone know of a home remedy for this???? I HATE THOSE FLYING THINGS !!!!
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  • Debra D
    on Jun 18, 2013

    Hi Troye, I'm in West Houston, and they are AWFUL this year. At least my guard cats let me know when one is in the house. I sprayed around my doors and windows and roof vents in the eaves, and it is helping a little bit. I don't want to spray more than that, or in the house, but they come in around plumbing pipes as well. I've sealed as many holes as I can find. It's just so hot and we've had lots of rain, so not much is gonna keep them out when they want in. I've been keeping several heavy duty fly swatters handy when all else fails!

  • Melissa K
    on Jun 19, 2013

    When I find them they are dead a little way from the doorway. I spray all around my doors with spectracide esp the threshholds. Dead ones are the best ones. I repeat this about twice a year, but this year with all the rains, I have sprayed the threshholds twice already. Good luck

  • Dee H
    on Mar 8, 2015

    @No search results.Troye M.....You may not like my answer, but it has worked for me for years. I spray RAID Ant & Roach killer around the doors at the bottom, inside & out & windows on the outside & in the track inside. I see the big water bugs, we call them, occasionally, but always dead or getting there. It's amazing, but it seems to last for months. I never have the regular size roaches or ants inside now either. We are on an acre & have lots of trees around us also, just not up against the house.

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