Racoons have invaded our pond!

We have a small irregular shaped pond with a pump/fountain head combo, center of pond is about 2 feet deep so we have our pump on a concrete block. Last week my husband came home to find that raccoons had upset all our plants and even dumped out a few but the amazing thing that they did is somehow pulled the pump out of the water (water pump not pumping water = problem) we are waiting on a part for the pump and today have found that they have fouled the pond again! Husband really doesn't want to put mesh over it. Ideas?
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 23, 2016
    This may or may not help you. Give it a look/ www.watergarden.org.Pond-Info/Pond-Predators
  • Betty Dalton Betty Dalton on May 23, 2016
    We tried heron decoys and floating alligators to protect our ponds, and neither worked. We finally resorted to using bird netting over them. The racoons started using our pool as their bathroom, and the only thing that has keeps them out is putting boards with nails pointing up over the steps. You may have to find something to put around the pond that they don't like to step on.
    • Ginsum Ginsum on May 23, 2016
      Thanks for your suggestions might try this before resorting to electric fencing!
  • 1240839 1240839 on May 23, 2016
    Electric fence. You just have to remember to turn it off to mess with the pond, or put it on a timer if the raccoons only come at night.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 23, 2016
    Electric fence ? How does that work on raccoons.? UH I don't think so. In oder for an electric fence to work there must be something attached to the animal.
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    • Ginsum Ginsum on May 23, 2016
      Janet the electric fences Rebecca is referring to is like ones used on farms to contain livestock! We used to have a hobby farm and had them around our pig pens since we no longer live on the hobby farm we got rid of it (damn). May have to invest in another one!
  • Ginsum Ginsum on May 23, 2016
    We have two out door cats that live on our deck and the racoons come all times of the day and night and litterally scare the s*#t out of our cats. We tried trapping them for a couple of years (we bought our own live trap after the second capture and release . . . THEY CAME BACK!) And took them further and further away (that got old fast) not to mention the last time one was trapped, he was so big . . . He bent the cage to escape. This is the first time they have bothered our pond and we knew better than to put fish in it even though my husband would dearly love to have fish in it. Was hoping for a magic bullet here.
  • Martha Martha on May 24, 2016
    We had this happen some years ago, as we live by a creek. We also had blue herons steal our fish. We made a frame with wire mesh in it that we put over the pond at night or when we weren't home, and weighted it with a couple of big rocks. It kind of spoils the ambience of the pond, though. Eventually we gave up having fish in the pond. I guess we'd rather have wildlife.
    • Ginsum Ginsum on May 24, 2016
      Thanks Martha! We tried a small pond many years ago with fish in it and lost the fish to the creatures of the night so wouldn't even think of putting fish in this one for that very reason!
  • Kari Roberts Kari Roberts on May 27, 2016
    How about a dog or two? Ours keep the coons away.
  • Good luck ♥ We've had raccoon visitors during the night in my back yard several times over the years. They would catch the koi in my pond. Now it would be different if they would eat them, but they would just play with them and leave them all over the yard. I've tried animal control in our area, they said they wouldn't help us, but to get a Havahart trap, then release them at least 100 miles away because they travel that and more. An exterminator was way too expensive. Had a trap, tried, could never catch them...tried sardines, marshmallows, tuna, canned cat food and more. I devoured the web for info on how to get them to go. Tried criss crossing fishing line throughout the back yard, raccoon's didn't mind it, the dogs hated it. Lit the backyard up like a runway – didn't phase them, Human hair, human urine, could have cared less about either, Tried "The Scarecrow" motion detector that hooks to the hose and sprays when it senses motion. Raccoon's loved it,Dogs were scared of it and refused to go out during the day even when it was off. Tried coyote urine, didn't phase the coons one bit. Tried little red flashing lights around the perimeter of the yard, raccoon's didn't notice them. Summer came and they stopped coming. We had no birdseed out for the wild birds, no dog food out, nothing. They came back the following winter and brought friends. Tried everything again to no avail. Got up one morning and they were still here! They were usually gone by then. One of my dogs slipped....pushed by me as I was trying to shoo them away. She was a Great Dane....they took her down. Now I love all animals, but don't come to my place and mess with mine. My sons stayed up the following night, shot 2 of them. They haven't been back since. It was horrid, the screams my poor dog let out as they were biting her. Please be careful. I wouldn't attempt to even catch it, You have to pick up that wire cage after all!. They are fierce and will bite. Be careful please.

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