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Light Up Your Bedroom With A Fairy Light Kids Rug

My daughters needed a nightlight for their room, but instead of just buying something for a wall or desk, I decided to make a light up rug! Using fabric yarn and an LED rope light, I crocheted my rug in just a few simple steps.
Step 1: Gather Your Materials
fairy light rug, bedroom ideas, crafts, how to, reupholster
I used a large crochet hook, a ball of fabric yarn and an LED rope light. You can find the rope light at you local home improvement chain store. My rug was kid-sized, so I used a smaller rope light, but this could also work as a large light-up rug for a dark hallway or bathroom.
Step 2: Start Crocheting Your Rug
fairy light rug, bedroom ideas, crafts, how to, reupholster
To start, I made a magic circle, a crocheting technique in which your fingers hold an untied circle while crocheting around it. The circle itself isn't secure until you make a few stitches. If you don't know how to make a magic circle, here's a great tutorial to explain it.
Step 3: Insert Your Rope Light
fairy light rug, bedroom ideas, crafts, how to, reupholster
I crocheted 3 rows of my rug before adding the rope light, because I was only making a small kids rug. I could have also stitched a larger center out of just the yarn and inserted the lights around that, or I could have inserted the lights at the very beginning so that they would be right in the middle.
fairy light rug, bedroom ideas, crafts, how to, reupholster
To insert the rope light into my rug, I alternated crocheting one stitch in front of the rope, and one stitch behind the rope. The stitches felt a little wobbly as I went, but they worked themselves out and stiffened as I added more.
Step 4: Continue Crocheting Until You Reach the End of the Light Rope
fairy light rug, bedroom ideas, crafts, how to, reupholster
This part goes much faster than you would think, because the rope is thick. As you get into the groove, this is also a very relaxing project! Turn on some music or watch your favorite TV show as you work.
Step 5: Lay It Down and Plug It in
fairy light rug, bedroom ideas, crafts, how to, reupholster
When you're done crocheting, place your rug close to an outlet in your children's room and plug it in! Warning: bedtime might be a bit more exciting than usual...

Suggested materials:

  • LED rope light
  • Fabric yarn
  • Large crochet hook
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  • Swm3101124
    on Sep 23, 2016


  • Pat
    on Mar 22, 2017

    Would it be safe to walk on this rug?
    • Cheryl Pierson
      on May 24, 2018

      I wouldn't just because the lights do go out and I would want this to last a long time.. my cord lights seem to go out without anything bothering them and then what are you going to do with it? I LUV this idea though

  • And22614745
    on Jul 12, 2017

    How may stitches did you start with and did you increase every other stitch there after. Great looking rug for little ones. Would like to make for granddaughters.

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  • Bridget Bishop
    on Sep 26, 2017

    I work with rope lights a lot and if you bend them too far they crack inside and you lose a section of lights. Don' think that would take too long with kids.
  • Kelli
    on Nov 5, 2018

    Try crocheting it into a cloud... Then hang it on a wall, next to a crocheted light rope Sun or Rainbow. If they are hung on a wall, they can still serve as a nightlight, without the worry of crushing the lights, no pet pee or poo, and you don't have to wash it to keep it clean... just vacuum it.


    • Angela
      on Jan 7, 2019

      There are always very ations and you came up with some wonderful ones.

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