12 Smarter Ways to Garden on a Budget

Money doesn't grow on trees - unless you're one of these savvy gardeners.

By Hometalk Highlights

Start your own seeds instead of buying plants

This cinnamon hack will be the boost your baby seeds need!

Take cuttings & propagate your best growers

There's actually a trick to propagating Hostas with ease and it will save you money.

Supplement soil with used coffee grounds

Add used coffee grounds to your soil to boost the acidity and fill up some space.

Use cheaper fillers for planters (like ferns)

Ferns are a beautiful, voluminous planter filler, and they won't break your budget.

Repurpose found materials into planters

Make a concrete towel planter to get a big-impact look on a teeny tiny budget.

Take cuttings from a few favorite plants

Take bits and pieces from your favorite plants and grow them into full-sized beauties.

Plant inside empty containers or recyclables

Make a hanging vertical garden from soda bottles, old plastic containers, or even cardboard boxes.

Keep deer from chomping your valuable plants

Once you've invested in your garden, don't let deer eat away at your greens. This soap trick helps!

Build your own beds for cheap

Use PVC pipes, plastic sheets or shower curtains - let your creativity make up for your budget.