Got Cracks? Fill 'em

Placing Irish Moss, Thyme and sedum on a stone stairway.
This is some Irish Moss in the cracks. We loved the look so we're planting some more. The green makes such a graphic statement, and becomes a piece of living art.
Looking down the stone stair and loving the Irish Moss and sedum in the cracks. These had been planted a year or so ago and were spreading nicely.
Here's the problem - lots of little weeds making themselves right at home on the path.
We purchased two baskets of low plants, Irish Moss and Creeping Thyme, and started weeding out all of the un-invited guests.
This is a close up of a healthy clump of Irish Moss in bloom.
Close up of Creeping Thyme. When you step on it a lovely scent is released.
Find a space you're plant will fit into.
The pavers were set with small stones and sand 20 some years ago. Gradually dirt, leaves and needles have been caught in the cracks.
Once the moss takes root it will just follow the cracks.
The upper area of the stairs where I've just planted another clump of moss
The bottom of the stairs where the sedum has made it's way onto the walkway. This was not planned, but seems to work. Stepping on it just spreads the plant.
Laurie Ashbach
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!

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