Asked on Jun 20, 2013

I want to know more about these chairs...

AngieMary Anderson


I pickedup a pair of chairs at a yard sale recently. They feel mid century modern tome, but I'm wondering if anyone can tell me more about them. The seat cushionsare actually down and need a little love, but otherwise they are in greatcondition. I'd love to be able to look up some comparables and see what theyare worth. Either way I think I got a great deal and can't wait to get my handson re-covering them.
32"Deep (full depth from front to back)
28"Full Height
17"Seat Height

2 answers
  • Mary Anderson
    on Jun 20, 2013

    I don't know, but I like them!

  • Angie
    on Jun 20, 2013

    I like them too! they have great potential but I don't know anything about them or the time period. I'm working on some cane chairs right now. i just posted about them

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