Asked on Jun 20, 2013

Putting in a vent for AC and Heat

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I need to install a vent in my sunroom but one of the walls is an exterior brick wall. What do I need to use to cut into or get rid of the gray stuff that is holding the bricks?
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  • YOu need to use a masonry drill and then drill holes around the brick area you want removed. The more holes and the closer they are to each other the easier it is to do the next step. Once you have more holes than you ever wanted to drill in a day take a small mason chisel and a hammer, (do not forget to wear glasses and gloves) simply connect the dots! Brick will come out in short order. One hint is use larger bit on each corner.

  • Miles Enterprises Inc.
    on Jun 21, 2013


  • Cindy Spencer
    on Jun 22, 2013

    To heat and cool a room my departed husband and I had added on to our home before he died,

  • Miles Enterprises Inc.
    on Jun 22, 2013

    sorry for your loss.bricks are like thick heavy glass.use a masonary dril to mark your perimiter of which part of the wall you want out of the way. make things as easty as possible and try and stay with whole bricks as much as possible. where you cannot make as many drill holes a you can where you have to leave a portion of the brick. use a flat masonary chisel over the drill holes and you il be amazed as to how well you can control the breakage of he bricks.

  • Cindy Spencer
    on Jul 5, 2013

    The opening is for a vent I want to put in my sunroom so I will have heat in the winter and coolness in the summer

  • Cindy, how large is the room you're planning to heat and cool? One grill opening may not be nearly enough to properly heat and or cool it. What part of the country do you reside? This too makes a big difference.

  • Cindy Spencer
    on Jul 6, 2013

    I live in Louisiana. I have had a Realtor tell me if I were to put a vent in the room my house would sell better. I am only interested in putting one in. I keep the door to that room shut anyway.The room is large and I can not remember the exact size of it. There is a hot tub, a futon, a tanning bed, 1 table with four chairs, a bar and 2 bar stools in the room with alot of extra space.

  • So it sounds as though the room is around 20 foot square. One outlet will do little to nothing if a hot tub is in it. You would be better served to install a wall mounted combo heat pump/ AC unit. mini splits are another option if you have a few other rooms that perhaps could use some cooling and or heating on occasion. But a single air grill lets say around 8" x 12" will only supply around 175 cfm of air. Not nearly enough to provide any cooling considering the heat the hot tub adds to the load. Also you must consider the amount of air that will be taken out of the duct system that you intend to connect to. Unless your willing to bring the new supply pipe all the way to the cooling/heating system the rest of the house will suffer when the air duct is connected. IN addition all good intentions that realtors have, they do not understand that you cannot simply ADD a air duct to a room without all other sorts of issues that may arise. I suggest that you call a pro in to look at your options and provide you with some sound advice on how to proceed or you may find yourself in a bind when the whole house suffers because of on extra air supply to a room that never had one in the first place.

  • Mike Lee
    on Jul 8, 2013 Maybe invest in wall mounted mini-split. They heat and cool very well and do not cost$$ as much to operate as window unit.

    • Jay Taylor
      on Jul 18, 2014

      @Mike Lee I second that. Wall mounted Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems are a powerful & flexible way to efficiently cool a room. The unit cools really well, and it is pretty simple to install, this is a good alternative (and step up) from window units and a much more cost effective route then adding a ducted system.

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