Asked on Jun 21, 2013

Name of this dark orange flower?

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Hello! Sorry for several posts on naming flowers, but I have another one, please! I don't know where to start looking. The leaves are "frilly", no fragrance. On a long stem (4'?), the flowers/buds only branch out at the top. Colors are stunning, looks like a flame! I don't think it's a type of asiatic because the foliage/petal type is so different, plus much smaller all around... but....? Thank you!!
Shot of the buds too. This pic is under a light - bloom not this light orange. It's a DARK orange.
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  • Kimberly Barney
    on Jun 21, 2013

    It is a daylilly.

  • Nanci Burroughs
    on Jun 21, 2013

    Beautiful daylily, double orange. Remove spent blooms each day to allow buds to swell and to keep slugs away. Fantastic variety!

  • Nancy Hand
    on Jun 21, 2013

    A very pretty double Daylily! :)

  • TheOldPostRoad T
    on Jun 21, 2013


  • Douglas Hunt
    on Jun 22, 2013

    Definitely a daylily.

  • Willow Gates Landscaping
    on Jun 22, 2013

    Hemerocallis fulva 'Kwanzo'; double form of the roadside daylily

  • Julie
    on Jun 22, 2013

    Thank you to all!! A Double Orange Daylily --wonderful! :)

  • Irish53
    on Jun 22, 2013

    it is called a variegated day lily because of the ruffle edging on the blossoms and some time they are called tiger lily because of the color similar to the near orange of tigers. very pretty

  • Peg
    on Jun 23, 2013

    Yep, double day lily, Waiting for mine to bloom.

  • Mary Garrett
    on Jun 23, 2013

    Very pretty Double Orange Day Lily!

  • Wanda sinnema
    on Jun 23, 2013

    double orange daylily...older varieties nave multi blooms per stem, each blooming a day or so then fade... newer versions will rebloom all summer I think if you check with COTTAGE FARMS nursery or ROBERTAS online you can get an idea of more info.. many other growers now have them too..I have delt with them

  • Pajunka
    on Jun 23, 2013

    I agree with daylily. Did you Google "orange daylilies of (your area)"?

  • Joline Cosman
    on Jun 23, 2013

    Daylilies come in so many colors and varieties !!! No wonder you didn't know what it was !!! Those are very pretty !!!!! Enjoy them !!!

  • Jean DeSavage
    on Jun 24, 2013

    I have a 4ft by 20ft bed of these same day lilies! They are real work horses, and it seems like nothing can kill them. Mine have gotten so compacted I need to divide some of them to thin the bed to get better flowering. They are spectacular when they are all blooming.

  • Marion Griffith
    on Jun 24, 2013

    It looks like a double day lily. I have one that looks similar.0.

  • Bobbie
    on Jul 7, 2013

    We call these Old Fashioned daylilies. They grow almost anywhere. I have hundreds of them. They are very pretty.

  • Wanda sinnema
    on Jul 16, 2013

    I might add,,, they grow and grow,,hard to kill, you can ignore it..should be divided after a few years..roots are mangles together,,need an sharp shovel or hatchet sometimes to cut have a nice variety..these work great along a driveway, edge of a lot,,,, no maintanance..just clean yo the stuff after they have died down in the fall,,,,,next year they come up and go crazy again..

    on Jul 18, 2013

    I just spent an hour digging some of these up off an abandoned lot where an old home had burnt about 10 yrs ago - they were all over in random areas on about an acre- thye now have a special spot in my cottage garden! Quite pretty little things

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