Two Uses for Old Window Frames

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Got old window frames? No? Well go get some and come back.
Got them? Good. Now we can get started.
My first project took a few bucks, but the second was free (my favorite kind).
Check out the cool seagulls that landed
I found five old windows lying on the side of the road. I took one and gave the other four to my friends. I'll share what they did with them later. But for now, this is all about me...
I grabbed a can of crackle paint from the craft store, sprayed it on, and this is what I got! Easy peasy (my other favorite kind of project).
Yikes, is that a Puffin too?
The instructions are on the can. If you can read, you can do this.
Then I took my painted window to a glass shop and they put in mirrors for me. It was $5 per each individual frame.
At Christmas I hang a wreath on it. Just like I would my outside windows. I use fishing line to make it seem like it's floating, but you can use ribbon if you want to be a rebel. I won't take offense.
It's quite a heavy beast when it's finished, so make sure you securely secure it to the wall. Hope I didn't make you insecure about securely securing it. You secure now? Good. Let's move on to my other fabulous window idea.
This window I found in my hubby's grandmother's garage when she passed. I knew I wanted to use it to remember her.
When I put it in our car, it had all three window panes.
When I got home, it only had two. And a big mess.
So I did what all my fellow crafters do when faced with a challenge - I got creative!
I knocked out the other two window panes, and simply hung it on the wall "as is."
Hubby had some cut nails (which are sooo cool - I highly recommend stocking up on them). I simply hung them on the wall, using the cut nails as part of the art.
And what is that fabulous piece of art floating in the middle pane you ask? What else - a sticker!
I kept the sticker backing on, and taped some fishing line to the back of it and hung it from the cut nail so it looks like it's floating.
I got the sticker from A wonderful place to buy art of all kinds made out of words.
Okay, commercial over. Back to me.
The other two frames I filled with Betty's great-grandchildren. A fitting tribute for her window. (for the sticker)
cut nails
As promised, here's what my other friends did with their windows.
One put pressed ferns in each window pane and rested the window on her fireplace mantle.
Another painted it gray, sanded it down to give it an aged look, and draped some kind of wire garland over the top and hung it on her wall.
My other friend's window is "decorating" her storage closet. In a box. Wrapped in newspaper. Next to her other untapped potentials...
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I like to think outside the box, ontop of the box, under the box...
See you over there soon!

Suggested materials:

  • Window frame   (Trash pick)
  • Crackle paint   (Craft store)
  • Cut nails   (Hubby's tool box)
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