Asked on Jun 22, 2013

Old rusted milk canisters

Rana SalehAnne gaddisLisa's Creative Designs


any ideas of what i can do i am putting them on my front porch , shabby chic country chic ?
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  • Cynthia
    on Jun 23, 2013

    I'd add some white and just make them country chic

  • Donna
    on Jun 23, 2013

    Put them on your porch and put you yard tools in them. Rakes, hoes, shovels.... looks great!!!

  • Sandy Harmon
    on Jun 23, 2013

    Just an FYI.....if you're putting them on concrete be sure to seal the bottoms. mine left rust rings on the porch.

  • Lisa's Creative Designs
    on Jun 23, 2013

    If you decide to paint them be sure to use an anti rust primer from companies like Rustoleum to keep it from rusting further, otherwise your paint will chip off over time. You can also use rust inhibiting paint for the top coat to protect it even more. I learned the the hard way!

  • Anne gaddis
    on Jun 23, 2013

    i found flower pots that fitted in the top and put flowers in the pots. that way the cans wont rust.also if you smoke an ash tray full of sand that fits in the top is nice,keeps people from putting butts all over the place. i am a nonsmoker by the way.

  • Rana Saleh
    on Jun 23, 2013

    I liked all the ideas above, first you can remove the rust using an acid, then add anti-rust primer, after that you can paint them. You can use them as flower pots. Or another idea, you can make small windows on the sides, and use them for large candles in the enterway. Another idea, that you can add some support to the cover and use them as stands, they will be so nice.

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