Asked on Jun 23, 2013

Mixing light spackle with paint



I saw a post on mixing light spackle with paint for a thick ,maybe gesso like finish. I can't seem to find the tutorial on this.
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  • Sherrie
    on Jun 23, 2013

    I use gesso and add it to paint. I use a little bit at a time. It last for a very long time and it cost me about $8.00. Recipe Water – 1 to 2 Parts (more or less as needed for consistency)Tooth – 2 PartsPigment – 1 to 2 Parts So for example, I put in a cup of glue, a cup or a little more of water, a cup of baby powder and a cup or so of left over paint. Think pancake batter or syrup for consistency. Mix well and test for coverage. Most of the time I make it up with equal amounts of everything and it’s just fine. I like to see through mine, if you want yours to give better coverage, use more pigment. Try dap plaster add it to paint, I use Gesso to make my own chalk paint.

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