how do I build sturdy small narrow book shelves that will also hold cds?

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  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on May 15, 2012
    The best book shelves are built with dado or a center fixed shelf to provide some structural integrity. CD's are not very wide so the weight limits are pretty small. designing and building is pretty easy if you have some basic woodworking tools. 1x6 lumber would be plenty wide for cd's I would pre-drill and screw the shelves in from the outside "sides" I used to have a pretty good sized collection of CD's ( about 900 or so) to pare down the size I bought some 100 cd wallets and ditched all of the jewel boxes. I was able to condense the hole collection down to just a couple of shelves. Since then I have transferred the collection to digital...on my 60 gig Ipod.
  • Carolyn D Carolyn D on May 15, 2012
    Thank you KMS Woodworks of Colorado! I like that you kept the solution quite simple. I am adding the dado and 1 x 6's to our 'to do' list. I do have a large collection of cd's, vinyls, and even 78's. I like to keep all of them in their own 'jackets' because those little covers provide interesting record producing information. I have used many of those sturdy notebooks to carry around with me but I kept all of the original covers of every cd. I can't wait to have my narrow bookshelves/cd shelves! I am rearranging furniture today just for those new shelves! Thanks again. Carolyn in San Antonio, TX
  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on May 16, 2012
    Carolyn...I only had 50 cd's in each 100 cd case. I used the left side to hold the cd's "book" of liner notes etc and the right side to hold the cd. I had all of my cd's Alphabetized for the first 800 or so...then newer stuff just went in by date acquired. The "empty" slot next to the liner notes let me keep everything organized and I could easily find or replace stuff. I sold off my vinyl a couple of years ago...I do miss some of those old records that I have not replaced with digital yet.
  • Carolyn D Carolyn D on May 16, 2012
    Great idea! Never thought of that, except that at the time I wanted to fill up the books with real cd's...I stored their cases knowing that some day they would be of use..your idea would have been far more fun, to save the cd case across from its cd. Nowadays I am at home mostly so I do not carry cd's around with me, plus those little ipods are handy too! One more thought regarding those simple book cases, I'd like to have them enclosed, or at least the front of them. My house is circa 1910 with 24 windows in a rural area, no nearby neighbors or buildings to block the views of rural life or its breezes coming through the windows. I do not like ac, prefer natural air. I may be forced to turn on the ac this July or August due to our very dry climate and sizzling temperatures. However, I do not like to dust the house daily! I realized that open bookshelves and cd shelves is a collector of dust. 'Home made' as this may sound, the backside of the shelves will be against a wall. I thought if I cannot have simple hinged doors, maybe a simple calico cotton curtain would work, mounted on an inexpensive simple rod across the top. Mind you, my home is NOT a museum but rather a very down home, front porch, back porch, where friends and family gather freely for Texas bar b que and a cold beer. Simplicity and a truly rural look is key. Thanks so much, KMS Woodworks, for your communications!
  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on May 17, 2012
    Caroyln...on a related side note...I picked up some "barrister" bookcases from a client a few years back. These are those with the swing up fronts in glass. We had a 3 tier unit set in the dining room to house our cookbooks ( bottom level) and the upper levels for our fancy'ish stem ware and cocktail glassware. This keeps them out of the "dust " too. you might look about in some local antique type shops for some of these.
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