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DIY Mud Cloth Lamp

One of the biggest trends now is the use of globally inspired decor. Well, you don't need to buy brand new accents, just give your existing decor a makeover like this DIY Mud Cloth Lamp! Looking for more globally inspired decor? Check out my website here.
I had two of these dark bronze lamps already purchased from Target. It's best to start with a dark colored lamp for this project, but you are not limited to that color combination. You can also spray paint any lamp a semi-gloss black.
The best option for painting the mud cloth pattern is to use paint pens. I used Sharpie paint pens which you can purchase for a great price through Amazon.
Have fun creating your own tribal pattern. The best part of this project is that you CAN NOT MESS UP! Mud cloth is handmade and will have its imperfections. So, have fun with it!
If you are stuck for a pattern, reference a mud cloth image from Google.
Do as much or as little of the mud cloth pattern on your lamp. I decided to leave a good portion of my lamp free of pattern since I tend to bring in a lot of pattern in my decor. Don't want to overstimulate my family, haha.
Replace your shade and add to your room! I'm loving how my lamp looks in my family room. I'll be sharing more of my family room for my Summer home tour on June 3rd. Be sure to visit my blog and subscribe to get insider decorating tips, project tutorials, and more!

Materials used for this project:

  • Sharpie Paint Pens
  • Lamps

To see more: http://casawatkinsliving.com/2016/05/diy-mud-cloth-lamp/

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