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  • Deb @ NomadicDecorator.com
    Deb @ NomadicDecorator.com Lake Zurich, IL
    on Jun 24, 2013

    We built a fire pit exactly like this a few weeks ago, even with the ring of the white marble rocks around and in it. And also a layer of sand, to snuff out sticks that catch on fire when we poke around in the fire. We've been enjoying it a lot and I hope you're enjoying yours too!

  • Alexandra Arena
    Alexandra Arena Forest Hills, NY
    on Jun 24, 2013

    Love this! Fire pits are the epitome of summer!

  • Pat Mountfort
    Pat Mountfort Salisbury, NH
    on Jun 26, 2013

    always check with your fire inspector first. Found out our town has specs as to depth of stone and sand. bad thing to learn after you have put in the time and energy.

  • Judith
    Judith Julian, CA
    on Jul 14, 2013

    With limited internet access, it is difficult to watch videos. It would be nice to have the directions/specifics posted also. Thanks...

  • Katie & Jon (Sew Woodsy)
    Katie & Jon (Sew Woodsy) Orlando, FL
    on Jul 16, 2013

    @Judith Sorry! We don't have step-by-step photos for this one.

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