9 Natural Weed Killers That Will Save Your Summer Garden

Buh-bye forever, weeds!

By Hometalk Highlights

Spray weeds with an easy vinegar mixture

You can use some horticultural vinegar or mix up your own weed-buster with cooking vinegar.

Sprinkle them with table salt

Sprinkle table salt over areas where weeds are glowing in between the cracks to burn them away.

Lay newspapers over them

Smothering weeds is a great way to wear them out, and using newspaper? Hello, recycling!

Burn the offending areas (carefully!)

Though this method is a good way to get a clean slate, you have to be very careful when trying it.

Smother weeds with ground cover you like more

Ground cover can be beautiful, but it can also smother the good plants in your garden, so use with care.

Keep your grass high & lush

It seems counterintuitive, but longer grass is actually a barrier for weeds, so cut it high!

Sprinkle corn meal to prevent weeds seeding

Stop weeds from seeding and spreading even more, by sprinkling them with corn meal.

Plant your crops in a raised garden bed

Growing in a raised garden bed helps with all sorts of gardening woes, weeds included!