Asked on Jun 24, 2013

Broken Dresser Leg, How to cut so all are same size?



I purchased a vintage dresser a couple months ago, knowing the front leg was fancy and broken.
Thought I could get a clean straight cut with my electric miter saw, but dresser/other legs are in the way and my blade can't come down.
So used a t to measure and make a cut with my jig saw, but not straight.
Then tried to make a cut with my circular saw, and same problem.
So now I have 4 legs cut, all different lengths. Noticeable......unbalanced, but not ALOT, just enough to make it not balance. And all the legs are a bit different. With each leg the back part is longer/shorter then the front.
These need to be evened out.....HELP, SUGGESTIONS WELCOMED!
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  • Cynthia
    on Jun 24, 2013

    Take a string and wrap it around the outside of the legs. Attach a level to the string (clip on) to check the line. Mark and then take them to cabinet shop and pay for them to be cut. If you made a guide you could cut them by hand, but not as easy as you think. Pay the few bucks and have it done. Avoid home depot as they do not measure things accurately.

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