9 Summer Flowers Almost As Gorgeous As Peonies

These peony impostors might feel a little less weighty on your wallet - and they're just as beautiful!

By Hometalk Highlights


Though they’re a bit smaller, ranunculus are jam-packed with petals, just like peonies.

Double Flower Tulips

They’re like regular tulips, but instead of six, the flowers are bursting with petals.

David Austin English Roses

These designer roses have all the beauty of a frilly peony & they come in a wide range of varieties.


These rosy buds evoke the same delicate charm as peonies & they’re much more budget-friendly!


Dahlias have a different petal look from peonies, but the volume makes it a nice substitute.

Cinderella Roses

These are a twin of peonies, making them a swap that only an expert gardener would notice.


If it’s volume you want, a branch of dreamy hydrangea will do the job just as well as a peony.


Just think of these feathery flowers as mini peonies. They have that same pop of full-headed color.

Happy Chappy Roses

These beauties have that range & variety of color in each flower that peonies are famous for.