I want an outdoor folding table

I do not have a deck and what ever I will have will be on the lawn and I mow my own lawn. Moving heavy things when I'm already having to drag the lawn mower around the yard doesn't thrill me. I have been looking for outdoor table that folds for easy moving and and to put it away in our shed for the winter as I live in Canada. Not being able to find anything in my price range I was wondering if anyone had a inexpensive idea for making a table to fit this description?
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 01, 2016
    Believe it or not I just purchased a folding picnic table from costco. It was very inexpensive but a little heavy.It will seat eight people comfortably.Should this interest you.
  • Joeycochran Joeycochran on Jun 01, 2016
    I purchased a folding table from Walmart and it was fairly inexpensive. the is something 4 x 8 feet and yes, it is a little heavy but I got it into my car and home with much of a struggle.
  • MN Mom MN Mom on Jun 01, 2016
    I have a great table that is lightweight resin and the legs detach and store right in the underside of the table top. Easy to snap the legs in their spots and super easy to store flat against a wall or in the rafters of a shed. It is by the Adams company. It's about the size of a card table /bridge table and also comes in a round version. I purchased it at Lowes, which I believe also has stores througout Canada.
  • Ton5203105 Ton5203105 on Jun 02, 2016
    I bought two benches that change into picnic tables from QVC. They are guaranteed and heavy plastic type. Won't blow away but easy to move around. By heavy, I didn't mean like wood. They are fairly light to move. Hope this helps.
    • Cheryl Richards Cheryl Richards on Jun 06, 2016
      Thank You Toneyal1 , was hoping to have something wood we've had several plastic tables and they look sad after a couple winters but you are right they are light and easy to move.
  • Anna Anna on Jun 02, 2016
    I too am through buying heavy furniture anymore! It seems that even if you build something, it will probably be a little heavy if it's made from wood. I actually just bought a somewhat small 32x40 wood table for my deck (it is not folding unfortunately). The table top and legs came in two packages and I can barely lift the table top (ugh) to get it up the stairs to the deck. I'm not sure what size you are looking for, but Frontage has a folding outdoor table (wished I ordered this instead of the wood table). Here's the link (maybe it will go down in price eventually). Just search folding table if link doesn't work. http://www.frontgate.com/x/422527?overrideCategoryID=HOMEPAGE-TOPSELLERSANDRECENT
    • Cheryl Richards Cheryl Richards on Jun 06, 2016
      I looked at front gate they say they do ship to Canada but everything I looked at they don't offer in Canada and so don't supply a price. :(But their products look great!