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Turn Your Found Beach Treasures Into Art.

Living on the coast means alot of beach days collecting trasures like shells drift wood and sea glass, but what to do with it all??? Why not turn it into artful center pieces using Unicorn SPiT gel stain?
Time: 6 Hours Cost: $10 Difficulty: Easy
The best part of using Unicorn SPiT for this project is it wont overpower the natural beauty of the shells and driftwood. Because Unicorn SPiT is a stain not a paint it will enhance the patterns and striations already present. I used a tiny paint brush dipped in water and just the Unicorn SPiT in the cap of the squeeze bottle.
I brushed on Zia Teal, Blue Thunder and Dragons Belly sprayed with water bottle and used my finger to blend on each piece of driftwood and shell.
I continued this processes until each piece was covered and beautifully enhanced, blending with just water on the tip of my finger.
Once the Unicorn SPiT was dry I aplied two coats of Tung oil with a sponge brush to seal the pieces, and give them a shiny finish.
I let each coat dry completely before applying the next coat but there was no sanding in between coats.
See how it shines now...
You can still see all the natural beauty of each piece.
this one is my favorite...
All there is to do next is arrange your treasures on a tray, plate or other piece you have around a candle (I use LED candles). I put my Maine sea glass down first the arranged my drift wood and shells around the candle.
How pretty is that? I'm happy my beach finds have a new artful look and can be enjoyed for a long time. Have fun turning your treasure into artful center pieces.

Materials used for this project:

  • Maine beach treasures
  • Unicorn SPiT gel Stain
  • Tung oil
Inspired? Will you try this project? Let the author know!