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Newspaper Print Cement Vase

This cement vase can be covered in any image of your choice. This one was made to look like a rolled up newspaper.
Time: 4 Hours Cost: $14 Difficulty: Medium
SUPPLIES: -Newspaper -Rapid Set Cement -Tape -Water -Mixing Cup / Bowl -Cardboard Pieces or a plastic mold -2 Toilet Paper Roll Tubes -Matte Medium -Box Cutter -Paint Brush

STEP 1: Take the 2 toilet paper tubes and tape them together end to end.
STEP 2: Trace the open end of the toilet paper tubes onto cardboard. Cut this circle out and tape it to the end of the 2 attached toilet paper tubes. This will be the inner mold for your vase.
STEP 3: Find an object with a circular shape to trace that is larger than the toilet paper rolls. (I used a coffee mug, which worked great) Trace out a circle on a piece of cardboard and cut it out. Measure the circumference of the circle.
STEP 4: Place your toilet paper tubes along the edge of a piece of cardboard and make a mark to determine the height of your outer mold. Draw a straight line across the same distance as the circumference of the circle you made in step 3.
STEP 5: Using your box cutter cut across the line made in step 4. Use the cardboard rectangle you just cut out to create a hollow cylinder around the cut out cardboard circle from step 3.
STEP 6: Tape the edges of the cylinder together. Now tape the circle you cut out in step 3 to the bottom of the cylinder.
STEP 7: (Optional) Draw a descending line around the top of the cardboard mold and drag to the top at a 90 degree angle when you are about an inch from the top. Cut out this section from the top of the mold. This will help to give the illusion of a rolled up newspaper.
STEP 8: Mix your cement according to the package instructions. Pour the mixture between the two molds. Allow the cement to set.
STEP 9: Cut the cardboard molds from the cement. Sand down any rough edges.
STEP 10: Mix more cement. Spread this cement over the vase smoothing it over the surface allowing it to fill any crevices with an old credit card or something with a flat hard edge. Allow the cement to set. Sand down the cement making as smooth as possible. Dust off the vase.
STEP 11: Spread the matte medium over the vase with a paintbrush. Press the newspaper clipping of your choice against the medium covered vase wrapping it around carefully. Set aside and allow to dry for several hours. (*Note that the newspaper print will be backwards. If you wish to have a readable print you can find an image online and reverse the image and then print it out and use it. )
STEP 12: Once the medium has dried take a rag and dip it in water. Wet the newspaper around the vase and rub off gently. This process will allow the ink to remain on the vase while stripping the paper away. Seal the print in with another layer of medium.


Materials used for this project:

  • Rapid Set Cement   (Home Depot)
  • Matte Medium   (Blick (You can also get this at many craft stores))
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