Sound off on the plants you love to hate

Anne Raver, who writes beautifully about gardening for The New York Times, got taken to the woodshed by readers after a recent column on the downy mildew that is attacking the ubiquitous garden impatiens in which she wrote, “Impatiens is an overused plant I love to hate.” To which I said, “Amen, Anne.”
When I worked at a nursery I dreaded the day those endless flats of characterless color showed up. Almost as much as I dreaded the late summer arrival of mums. Actually, in the latter case, it wasn’t the plant I hated so much as what was done to it in production greenhouses to turn a pleasant plant into a bloated blob of often unappealing color.
Raver’s column spurred a poll on, which drew some interesting responses--who knew anyone could dislike a Japanese maple?--and now we’re giving opinionated Hometalk members a chance to sound off. What plants drive you to distraction? Let the dishing begin!
Do you share Anne Raver's dislike of the impatiens?
The garden mum is a plant that does nothing for me.

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