"Polatems" (pots, plates, totems) birdbaths, bird feeders and planters.

I had so much fun putting my "Polatems" together. I collected beautiful pots and plates from Goodwill and garage sales. I dug a hole 12" deep intserted a piece of rebar, which can be purchased at a hardware store in any length of your choice. Fill the hole with concrete. Level the rebar to make it straight. Once the concrete dries..overnight is good, start putting the pots and plates onto the rebar in an artistic order, gluing them as you go..I used glass glue from the hardware store, it comes in a caulking tube. Use a level to keep each pot or plate straight. You can add pieces in the middle such as a metal dish from an old firepit as a planter or even a terricotta planter. Just be creative. Top it off with a glass ball, a ceramic bird or whatever suits you fancy. There you have it ...Enjoy and watch the birds..even the Hummers like the colors.
polatems pots plates totems birdbaths bird feeders and planters, outdoor living, pets animals, Polatems Pots plates totems My husband always says What will she think of next
"Polatems" (Pots,plates, totems) My husband always says "What will she think of next"!

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