Asked on May 17, 2012

Peel & Stick chalkboard

Barb CMiriam I


As a part of the basement project we were going to paint a large wall with chalkboard paint. After painting the rest of the basement I was really done painting! I saw these at Ace and thought they'd be easy. Should've been! They are supposed to be 24x48.
My husband was helping me - saying lots of words I can't put here :) - and after much cutting and trying to get sheets lined up - they were up. They do not need to be prepped which was nice. Better than painting - I guess. At $25/each I was hoping they'd be easier than they were. I called the company, which is local here, with no response. Good idea though.
Hmmmm....all were supposed to be same size
"Easy" chalkboard....not so much!
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