I can't afford to jack hammer this patio up; is it possible to put sand and then some of the flat patio tiles on top of

i can t afford to jack hammer this patio up is it possible to put sand and then, outdoor living, patio, tiling, Help
Help !!

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  • OhSally OhSally on Jun 16, 2015
    Hubby and I revamped our ugly concrete patio with a product called Daich Spread Stone. They have a GREAT finish coat with just the right amount of shine...not "varnishy" at all. DO use their finish coat to protect your finished project. It was really very easy to do, dried fast and was ready for the finish coat on day 2. We started by sealing cracks and seams in our concrete with concrete repair "stuff" from our local home improvement center. You want to make your repairs fairly smooth, but they don't have to be perfect. Since we wanted a flagstone appearance, we painted the concrete with a grey paint, then used masking tape to mask where we wanted grout lines. (You might need to watch the video...see below...to understand what I mean.) Then, we applied the Spreadstone with a trowel, just smoothing it all over the patio including over our masking tape "grout lines". We used three different colors of Spreadstone (it comes in quarts as well as gallons, so you could just buy quarts of your accent colors to save money.) Look at the video explaining the "Two Color Trowel method" of application at this web page: http://www.daichcoatings.com/spreadstone.html They have several short videos on how to use their product on that web page. It really IS as simple as they make it look! We did it about 5-6 years ago and it's still very nice. NO, I don't work for the company...I am just VERY excited about their product and what a nice job it did to upgrade our ugly concrete slab. I think they say it costs 72 cents per square foot. Good luck!
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