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Ron's Custom Table From Scrap Wood

As a person builds their thirty-sixth home, it gives that person pause as to what is truly important.
Size was not an issue. I wanted small, but not cramped. So the outside space would be part of our indoor space with a corrugated tin roof, old timber and vines flowering on the rafters.
Ron keeps most all our wood scraps from the building project for future stuff or for the wood stove.
I recently scrambled through this growing pile of wood scrap. I discovered what looked to be really cool old 2x8' and 2x12's long distorted and warped timbers covered in concrete. They had been part of the foundation concrete pour.
The above picture is the design Ron built for me for a large family farm table. And using these old scarred scraps, It turned out exquisite. After he was finished joining all his pieces, he gave it over to me to make my mark. Which you know I have no trouble doing. Ever...
The table is eleven feet long and will have eight matching benches. When he gets around to it... I will wait patiently.
I was a bit apprehensive to begin. I didn't want to take the chance of ruining what he had worked so hard to create.
As I designed this little house over looking the Idaho Rockies, one of my most favorite colors came from online with Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman) and her pretty dishes. Which I have.
Here are a few of her amazing links.
Her designs contain some of my favorite and much used colors. This was the impetus for the back porches color scheme. Red, Teal, Cream and my own custom black chalk paint. I always make my own personal chalk paints. Rather than pay upwards of $49.00 per quart of paint, I mix my own for $2.50 per quart. I only mix what I am going to need per project.
I added a chess board on one end and a checker board on the opposite end. No electronic games or phones allowed. They are dropped in a basket before joining the fun.
I decoupaged pretty papers and painted smaller strips of paint with French restaurant stencils and antiquing to finish. I used a dark wax to buff and polish.
The little birch legged buffet is a fun and convenient counter top height serving table.
I added two coats of Spar Marine oil based varnish to provide years of outdoor wear.
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To see more: http://sksartell.blogspot.com/2016/06/my-rons-tables.html

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