#30DayFlip Dock Table Surf Board Gate

Dock table from pallet wood and left over posts from old deck railing.
Our pool was being pushed down the hill so we had to build a French drain.
So new deck new gates Recycle!
Dock Table from scraps
We had to dig out dirt that was pushing the pool and it rained a lot! We had to pump out water before we could dig. It was so wet.
Get this party started!
Building French drain was heavy work thank goodness our friend let us borrow his backhoe. The big posts in front weighed 250 lbs each
Lots of lifting digging holes.
And had to make sure hubby didn't take my pole of feeders out.
New decking going on.
After we built the frame back the new decking was going on. Went with gray so it's cooler and more nautical looking.
Outside Oar Gate
This is the outside of the gate .
We needed a step so I built another dock we buried a little in cement so perfect height!
Corners inside
The corners inside are each a little different decorated but are 3 posts put together with the rope!
Left these tall so we could make a buoy. Used a big pipe painted white and then used my Cricut and imagination!
Buoy post under the pole
Wanted it to be open so did the rope fence and put 2 rows of cable on bottom to keep pugs on. The back side drops off far!
And keeps them out when not in the pool.
Went Sunsetter!
We bit the bullett on decking so why not on shade. We have a sunsetter on house and love it.
You have to have shade at pool it's in full sun all day.
It's beautiful and works great!
Jig saw and sanding! I had to get a new jig saw.
Surf board front gate
My first surf boards they turned out cute! I think
Built corner lighthouses!
They have a solar light on top they light up all night!
One on each front corner
It was lots of work lots of mud but we did it our selves and made it just the way we wanted it
It's like we are on vacation in our own back yard!

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