I planted this hydrangea which I purchased on a clearance table at a local garden center for $1. It appeared hopeless but none the less, I had faith it would come through. This summer it has and is blooming like crazy! Hmmm...A Dollar and A Dream ~

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  • H Katherine P H Katherine P on Jun 28, 2013
    I know, I always beat feet to the back or the store at Lowe's for the clearance carts. Better yet, another way I have found and I did this one for a long time was to check at any of the garden centers, usually early in the mornings when they are trimming and watering, etc. they collect the "unwanted, damaged, broken pots, etc." and put them aside to "throw away" I was sad....I found that by asking "what do you do with the damaged goods?" is a good open line to make a sale with them....they won't give them to you but they will or can sell them for .50 to $1. I recently got 4 rose bushes and two hanging baskets of geraniums, each for $1. Amazing what we can negotiate and how we can turn it around with a little tender, loving care and make it a blooming bouquet~ Thanks for the contact! I love hearing from other gardeners and sharing "secrets." <3
  • Nancy W Nancy W on Jul 02, 2013
    Thank you Katherine... I will definitely buy some Bloom Buster... :-)
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