Asked on Jun 27, 2013

Transplanting dianthus this time of year?

Douglas HuntLuis


I live in eastern Montana and have a few dianthus plants that have been coming back for a few years. The problem is that I planted them too far back in the bed and they get lost among some larger plants. Can I transplant them to another area in my beds now or is there a better time?
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  • Luis
    on Jun 27, 2013

    Generally, it's best to transplant when dormant. Or at least wait till blooming has finished. You can transplant successfully if you make sure the plants are well watered to keep them as stress free as possible.

  • Douglas Hunt
    on Jun 28, 2013

    I think you could do it now, Paula. Choose an overcast day to do so, preferably one when you know rain is on the way, and, as Luis says, make sure to keep them well-watered until they get re-established.

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