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DIY Industrial Sconces

This project was SO much fun to make! I wanted to make new wall sconces for our Modern Industrial Guest Bedroom. When I found these utensil holders at Ikea, I knew that they would be perfect!
To see a full list of tools and materials, please visit Love Create Celebrate
I started by making this quick holder for the canisters. I wanted to make sure that the canisters wouldn’t shift around while we were drilling in to the top of them. You could also cut a piece of wood to sit across the diameter. We made the ones shown, by tracing the inner and outer circles of the canister onto scrap wood.
Then we drilled into the top of the containers using a special drill bit. Next, we used a dremel to clean up the edges a bit. It won’t look too pretty, but it’ll be completely covered up by the black steel flange in a minute, so it won’t matter :)
I don’t have a picture of the black steel assembly, so I’ll just show you this one. It should be attached: flange – 1.5″ pipe – elbow – 2.5″ pipe – flange.
Next, grab your wood. We used oak because we had some scrap pieces cut to 4″ x 4″ x 3/4″ thick, but you can use any wood. Find your centre and drill into it. Wide enough for cords to fit through. Then, you want mark 4 spots for your screws that will hold the flange in place. I measured the distance of the screw holes from the centre of the flange, and measured out using my speed square (or measuring tape). Then, using your router, router out a space in the back, big enough for your electric connectors to sit in. Stain your piece any colour you desire.
For details on how we adding the lighting components, please visit Love Create Celebrate!
I LOVE how the light shines at night!
We set these lights up in our new Modern Industrial Bedroom and I'm thrilled with how great they look!

To see more: http://www.lovecreatecelebrate.com/make-diy-industrial-sconces/

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