My Secret Garden Tea Room.

Maybe it's not so secret yet but it will be once the plants and flowers fill in. I can't wait!
The inspiration for this project was a $7.50 bistro set I found at a yard sale. I dismantled, sanded and painted it. I then cut seat cusions from Dollar Store rubber matts. I didn't want the table and chairs sitting on the ground so I mixed and poured quick crete into forms to make an 8'8' patio.
Next, the "room" divider. I used old wooden screen doors. Remove the old screen and any hardware. Brush the door to remove any dirt or loose debris. I leave as much loose chips and layered paint as possible to retain some of the character. I sprayed a light layer of paint, letting some of the original color showing through. Once again, adding character. Its all a matter of preference, Now, place the window screen over the back of the door and staple down. Trim any excess. Place the chicken wire over the screen and staple it down. Trim any excess. I used the black window screen and the chicken wire because I don't like seeing the shiny wire. The screen hides the chicken wire and the chicken wire gives you something to hang decorations on. The screen also gives some protection from the setting sun.
Attach the old hardware and screw the hinges on each door. Drill pilot holes for the hinges in the adjacent doors. Don't connect the doors yet. Wait until you move them to the desired location. Otherwise they'll be heavy and awkward.
Move the doors to the garden and connect. To finish up, I hung the decorations and the tin can solar lights (that's another post)

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  • Janice Ball
    Janice Ball
    on Jun 8, 2016

    Janice Ball, I also love the peacock, did you make it and if so how!

  • Sandra K Salisbury
    Sandra K Salisbury
    on Jun 9, 2016

    I am so impressed with your gorgeous "room"! How did you attach the doors to the ground?

  • Sandra K Salisbury
    Sandra K Salisbury
    on Jun 9, 2016

    Oops! I just read the other questions and several of us asked the same one! I've read and re-read your instructions and I can't find any mention of "t-bars". I see where it says to take the doors to the patio and attach them . I thought that was the instruction for attaching the doors together but there is no mention of attaching the doors to a post. So sorry for the repeated question but thanks so much for the inspiration !

    • Judy Rawlinson
      Judy Rawlinson
      on Jun 9, 2016

      Sorry for all the confusion. This is a T-post and the next photo is the back of the door where it's wired to the post. The posts I used were 6'. I drove them 2' into the ground. I'm sure there's a lot of ways of securing the doors. I just happen to have the post already and that's what I chose to use.

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