DIY Vertical Succulent Planter

Making some basic 2x4s look old with some paint and stencils, I created my very own vertical garden for planting hens and chicks (succulents). Once the frame fill out I'll have a living work of art! Full details of the project are on my blog Inspired by Charm:
Vertical Planter
Hens and Chicks
Planting the Vertical Garden
Michael W
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!

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  • Jackson Jackson on Sep 05, 2019

    Hello from Germany. This is an idea I love ! I had an old rabbit cage which more or less went to shambles. The only "good" thing left, were the doors with the exact same wire mesh, that you have used. I placed the doors flat on the wire mesh, filled it first with life moss (the green side to the mesh), then with soil and nailed ply wood on top. To plant my succulents I cut three sides of a square of four squares of the wire mesh, then you can lift it up to place the plants and once they are safely in there, just bent the wire mesh back around them. Since it is still on hold on one small wire line, it holds perfectly. With the moss the soil keeps in place. I have them hanging on my garage wall, and I water them every once in a while with the garden hose. No loss of soil, they grow perfectly and even bloomed. I used screws and dowels that are basically for kitchen cabinets, because the frames got very heavy.

    And I love it everyday

    • Eseaters Eseaters on May 21, 2021

      Hello Jackson!

      I have been looking for a Garage Wall Succulent project without the soil falling out and love the idea you have come up with. I have seen a few projects where the plants are put in a designed pattern and this just takes the project over the top. I watch too much HGTV !!! I have some 1/4 inch Plywood and chicken wire because my plants are getting pretty big but they are also growing like a weed in other pots at the moment. Jackson and others. If anyone has specific Succulents that they would recommend for this Project I'm all eyes! I have several but some are too big and I want to incorporate young plants especially to fill in for a patterned look. I can't wait to start!

      Thank you all!

  • Becky Welz Becky Welz on Mar 11, 2021

    Yes but I need the instructions on how to make the wooden base to hold the dirt? Love love love hens & chicks

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