Asked on Jun 28, 2013

3 Acres of ants...

ChristineDouglas Hunt


Hi! last year I was given 11 yards of dirt from my neighbor to help with my really bad drainage troubles. Shortly thereafter this dirt looked like it had been ploughed. Ant hils. 1000s of them. My (termite) exterminator said he'd never seen anything like it and sprayed. It did an "eh" job.

This year, I've again got 1000s of ant hills. They've moved across the yard to the other next door neighbor's.

They're nesting in everything I have -- outside so far -- but I hate ant eggs and nests. I've sprayed down the individual ant hills, but they don't care. I put down bits of Ortho bug killer and again, they don't care.

What? How? HELP? What can I do to [shhhh] either chase them to my neighbor's or just make them disappear into ant heaven?

Thanks for your thoughts.
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