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DIY Outdoor Sofa

Last summer, after living in Florida for almost six years, we decided it was finally time to build a lanai. My wife loves being outside, so when we finally made the decision to move forward with building a lanai, she was so excited. I also was excited about the lanai because I now had the opportunity to make some outdoor furniture. The first project I built was this outdoor sofa.
I wanted to make the sofa as budget friendly as possible. Right around this time a friend at church told me he had a bunch of left over wood from cabin he built. He gave me cypress beams that were left over from the ceiling of the cabin and some other pieces of left over cypress he was just going to throw away. Because it was free and I had a lot of it, I used these cypress pieces to make this outdoor sofa.
I made the arms of the sofa using cypress beams (3-3/4 in x 8 in cut to 30 in) and 1×2 (cut to 29-1/2 in) pressure treated boards. See my blog post for complete plans.
I made two seat frames using pressure treated 2x4 and attached them to the sofa arms.
I also built a seat frame for the middle of the sofa to provide support.
At this point, I cut the boards for the front of the sofa (2 pieces of 1x7 cypress boards a pressure treated 1x2 board), and I cut ten 2x4 that I used to make the seat.
Before I completely assembled the sofa, I stained everything because it was too heavy and large to move into my lanai in one piece.
After I stained the pieces, I attached the front pieces to the sofa arms.
Then I attached the 2x4 boards to the seat frames and the middle support.
The lanai has become a favorite place for my family to hang out, and it has a lot to do with this outdoor sofa. We sit out on it all the time, my wife likes to takes naps on it, and I really enjoy drinking a cup of coffee while chilling out on the sofa.

To see more: http://www.betterwhenbuilt.com/diy-outdoor-sofa/

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