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carport canopy supports advice

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I am writing this for hubs......
We have a 20 ft deep single carport canopy. One end is attached to the eave of mhome and the outside edge is supported by 3 support columns,under a 20 ft aluminum I-beam. 2 problems have shown up. One, is that the supports are typical mobile home type, two square aluminum channels with scrolling; once bent, never strong again. The center support is right where the car doors open; that's a nuisance! Original plan was to take center support out and put 2 new supports further away from center, which would make a total of 4 supports. I ran into 2 actual canopy channels appr 3x3 sq. I have chiseled out a hole in asphalt approx 4-5 inches sq, and am down to gravel base rock. Not having a solid, measureable base, I'm wondering how to proceed; I have to pre-cut the length of these channels.
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  • Go 12" square and down deep enough to below frost depth for your area. Place the new support columns bolted to above beam and pour concrete around the base. This presumes that the carrying beam is a single continuous. If it is joined together over that center support, you may need to do more to strengthen that joint before removing the center support.

  • Bernice H
    on May 31, 2012

    Thank you for the input. Hubs did this last weekend, wasnt as big a job as he had been dreading. The ugly bent scroll is now gone and ...I can open the passenger door without hitting the car door on the post. Thank you, your input was helpful.

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