Asked on Jun 30, 2013

My Blue Spruce trees have been deteriorating

Douglas HuntPatricia W


I have 2 and my neighbor has 2. My first one started 3 years ago, and I just added it to the too much rain at one time, to not enough rain at another has been losing needles and getting dryer, and the branches from the bottom have now gotten to a quarter of the way up, Now my 2nd tree is starting to do the same, so I cut them both up to the dry branches, well for the second..the first needs a bit higher, but i am not able to get to that point. I really like them, and they are so pretty, were. What could I do to stop this from continuing to the point that I will have to replace them. They are taller than my 2 story house. My neighbors have started the transformation now, and they are a good 30ft away from mine. Any thoughts?
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  • Patricia W
    on Jun 30, 2013

    It does not sound like a water problem to me. Not with evergreens that are that mature. Their roots go way down, where the earth is moist. Your trees are established. Has the bark been cut around the area where it began to die? This sounds like insects or disease, especially since its begun with your neighbors trees as well. Take some samples to your local extension center and ask them to help. let us know!

  • Douglas Hunt
    on Jun 30, 2013

    There's been a notable decline in blue spruce in nearby Michigan. This article looks at some of the causes: I would have a professional arborist come out and look. You definitely want to try to save trees of that size and beauty.

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