Asked on Jun 30, 2013

Help!! These little green gnats are driving me crazy!!!



We live in the country & every nite these little green gnat thingys come out to torment me, they are attracted to the light (and my PVC screen) but in the process they are smacking into our faces, bodies, food/drinks, etc. I just cant seem to find anything to get rid of them that wont hurt my cats, & I just cant teke it any more!!!. Does anyone have any tried & true ways to make them leave us alone??? I did find where they got in in the first place (around the door), so sealed up it & all cracks near windows, AC etc. Thanks for any help at all!!
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  • 183212
    on Jul 3, 2013

    Purchase a safe garden and fruit insect killer. Gnats and other insects are known to invade house plants and outdoor gardens. Yet, there's a simple solution. Visit the local home improvement store or general retail store and buy a fruit and vegetable insect killer. Spray the chemical on the house plants. Remove the top layer of the soil. Since gnats generally lay their eggs on the top layer of soil, take the house plants outside. Using a shovel, remove about one inch of the soil's top layer. If necessary, place new soil in the pot. Spray window sills and doors with an insect killer. Some gnats venture away from house plants and collect near windows and doors. Keep these areas sprayed with insect killer. This kills the adults, and prevents them from laying new eggs. Include a tablespoon of liquid dish washing soap with water. Before watering the house plants, mix in a tablespoon of soap. The soap helps get rid of annoying gnats, and it doesn't hurt the house plants. Use cider vinegar to attract gnats. Get a shallow bowl and pour about one cup of cider vinegar. Cover the bowl with a clear plastic cover, and cut a small hole in the middle. The cider vinegar attracts the gnats, and they become stuck inside the bowl. Empty the bowl as needed.

  • Fre27412275
    on Jul 6, 2017

    Do they try to fly into you ear? Trying to find out what these annoying gnat-like green flies are. Like gnats, but seem to be faster and tougher.
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