Asked on May 21, 2012

We just bought a house and it has unfinished concrete floors. We have seen several things on staining and sealing them.

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  • First off you need to know if the floor suffers at all from moisture. This is critical on the success you will have or not have with any paint or stain that you finally decide upon. You can check this in many ways. large plastic sheet set down on the floor and sealed tight with duct tape works well. leave it there for a week or so. If you begin to see moisture collect under the plastic you need to take measures to correct this issue before doing anything else. Try this in various parts of the basement. Near edges, corners and middle. If you see any white powder anywhere on the floor cover that area also. This white powder is the result of moisture reacting to the salts in the cement and depositing the salts on the surface as it evaporates away. If your floor passes the moisture test, then stain is normally the best way to go if you want a long lasting color. Epoxy systems also work well, bit harder to use and Ideally should be professionally done if you really want it to last. The bottom line here is be sure you have no moisture and if so correct this first. Then what ever you decide to use, you must follow the directions very carefully on the product that you choose if you decide to do this yourself. And most important that you properly prepare the surface by cleaning it really well. As with any finish the end results are always the byproduct of the prep. Which of course is the worse part of the job.

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    on May 21, 2012

    Hi Fran! I would contact these guys

  • hey fran theres a good sealer that ive not found anything that comes close to its sealing and durability and thats co-ma-seal you would be best to use the bb formula but ony on the bare concrete.for info go to I promise you wont regret it i use thier products religiously

  • I had my sons bedroom floor acid etched (in a turquoise color) and sealed. There are plenty of videos and stuff on it. I chose to have a pro come out and do it.

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