Asked on May 21, 2012

I work construction for an hourly wage under a contractor at a government HUD supported worksite.

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He was to be paying me 13.50 an hour for a prevailing wage due to HUD spec's. How ever he payed me at 10.00 an hour and then wanted me to sign an afdavid stating that I was payed 13.50. I did not sign it and told him he had to pay me the difference and he never did. Is there anything through HUD or legal action that I can take. Any info will be appreciated I am owed alot of money.
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  • First, I am not a wage/labor attorney but my first thought would be to contact the GA Dept of Labor. Often they can pursue wage claims. I would also ask at HUD if they have any internal remedy method. In general, if someone promises to pay you X and they pay you less, without excusable justification, you would have a cause of action. You may want to contact an employment attorney. Often they will spend a brief amount of time talking with you to determine if there is a cause of action to pursue.

  • I doubt that there is enough money here to hire an attorney to pursue this. I would ask at HUD as well....what kind of project were you on?

  • Many years ago I worked for a company who did work for prevailing wage program. However as employees we were not aware of this happening. After we found out that he was not paying us the wages that he was required by law to do we contacted the state labor board and reported him. After a few months time, we got a letter stating that we will begin getting our past due monies that was owed. They fined him out of business and took his properties as well because of other issues that he was found guilty of. Contact your state labor board and report him. If your owed any monies you will get that through their system. If not they will direct you on how to proceed.

  • Clay B
    on May 22, 2012

    Call you local area Department of Labor, it's free.

  • Kelly F
    on May 29, 2012

    Call the Department of Labor and Industry. Keep your pay stubs- he's in big trouble. :)

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