Asked on Jun 30, 2013

Commode stains

Linda BKathy R


Is there anything to prevent water stains inside the commode?
Anything for inside the tank to keep it stain free not just color the water,
2 answers
  • Kathy R
    on Jul 1, 2013

    Lower the water level inside the bowl. This is done by pushing the water thru the trap with your cleaning wand. Once it is about 1/2 full, drop in 2 denture cleaning tablets. It works and makes all sparkle!! And your potty is minty fresh!

  • Linda B
    on Feb 15, 2015

    The only thing I have found that works is the Clorox for's the black bottle in. In Florida the water staining is always a problem. It leaves a ring and doesn't look clean. Probably has chemicals but so does the water!!!

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